Foundational Spiritual Retreats

Cusco and tHe Sacred Valley of tHe Inca

We are two dedicated guides and aspiring spiritual teachers who offer an immersive and completely tailored personal guidance for persons looking to enhance their relationship to the spiritual self through foundational theory and complementary practice workshops. We aim to share integrated personal yoga, insight meditation, energy and breathwork; fundamental concepts of core spiritual philosophies; shamanic tradition and contemporary shamanic practices; general lifestyle considerations and historic insight into the pre Columbian civilisations of Peru, including medicinal plant ceremonies and guided tours around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Please keep scrolling down for more information.

Who Are Our Retreats For?

W e currently mentor clients who have paused and taken a deep breath away from their conventional lifestyles and have questions about their intuitive relationship with themselves and interactions with those around them. These people come from all walks of life. We talk to people who have begun to meditate or practice yoga and have seen a change in their lives for the better. Those who struggle to make conscientious decisions with lifestyle changes in exercise and nutrition. Some feel a spiritual yearning but lack a dedicated guide to support them and some have difficulty with the stereotypical answers and labels of spiritual practice. We don’t offer unnecessary mystery or esoteric knowledge outside of direct personal experience and interpretation, this has allowed many of our friends to feel confident in our approach to what we believe is opening the potential to the human experience through personal investigation.

Photo: Viewpoint of the Pisac Ruins, Sacred Valley of Cusco

How Does It Work?

W e kindly invite you to join us in Cusco, where we’ll collect you from the airport and bring you to a beautiful apartment space where we’ll be based for our days ahead. You’ll have a private room with ensuite and all of the complementaries that you’d expect from an upmarket hotel. We’ll give you some time to get settled before having a casual discussion on your aspirations for our time together (if this has not been done prior to your arrival). We always have a full schedule but are completely flexible with your expectations and can easily manage changes. If you would like to arrange a few extra days to visit Machu Picchu or some of the other grand sites such as the ruins of Pisac or Tipon, then we can also arrange this into our agenda. Once we have discussed the schedule, we can agree on the content of our days, which will take place both inside and outside of the apartment, wherever possible we’ll be in the sublime countryside that surrounds Cusco and the sacred valley.

Photo: Succulents in Andahuaylillas, Southern Cusco Valley


During the time we have together we will compartmentalise theoretical discussion time and practical activities with considerations that support your goals and expectations and help us to build on the knowledge we believe is best shared. As you will see, some of the subjects are core elements of our program, others are optional and will be discussed with you. Here we provide a brief introduction into the elementary subjects that will be covered. 

Photo: Water fountain in Tipon ruins, Southern Cusco Valley

Typical ScHedule

Days are flexible, these are your days, our goal is to simply provide what gives you satisfaction by the time we finish. There are some integral periods such as the morning meditation, yoga and breakfast, the windows we can alter are the main morning and afternoon excursions, for these, we’ll offer you a selection of hikes and attractions to encounter along with our discussion.

  • Sun Rise: Morning Group Meditation and Ceremony
  • 7am: Personal Yoga with Wayne (this is a gentle guided exercise of self exploration from a sitting position)
  • 7:30am: Yoga warm  up and explanation of asanas With Amy
  • 8:15am: Breakfast and Personal Time
  • 9:30-10am: Morning Activity (on the first morning this will be a visit to the vibrant markets of Cusco)
  • 12-12:30am: Lunch (will be a variety of preparation at home and visiting conscientious cooks, on the first day we will eat out)
  • Personal Time after lunch
  • 2-2:30pm: Afternoon Activity
  • 6-7pm: Evening meal and personal time
  • 7-30pm: Discourse of questions, summary of the day / Discussions / Audio and Video content
  • 8:30pm: Meditation and personal yoga
  • 9:30-10pm: Retire for the evening
Photo: The delicate new leaves of Macambo, a newly recognised Peruvian superfood

Who Are We?

We do not expect people to find our retreats independently through the website, we have an assumption that those who are seeking our services either already know us or have been recommended by someone who does. In this case, we shall be brief here and share with you more about ourselves in natural conversation during our time together. We do not present ourselves as anything other than fellow humans on a singular spiritual path to reestablish our roots and find meaning in the human experience. We understand that this journey sometimes requires gentle and patient guidance through the sensitive exposure of self discovery, for this purpose we kindly offer our support.


A sensitive and highly perceptive personal approach led from academic interest in analytical psychology to more expressive and intimate hands-on work with human emotion and spirit. This approach demanded a deep heart-opening subjective investigation and ensuing journey of shared self discovery with yoga and meditation from which a natural desire to assist those on the same path arose. The management of personal time and energy, open and honest communication and an anthropological interest in the surrounding world has given an empowerment of understanding the human predicament on one’s own terms and allows time to bring these ideas to others.


39 years of age, who’s intense existential interest from an early age transposed a journey of exploration to the Himalaya in search of finding true representations of communal society. A fixated interest on peeling back the truth of personal subjective experience and a revaluation of culture and the human experience. Personal meditative study, a revealing enlightenment and escape from a high paid analytical consultancy career have contributed to an established view of modern spiritual questions and crises, with an entirely objective and commonsensical approach he has a practical ability to present fundamental philosophical concepts in simple and integrative form.

Photo: Bromelia, Pisac Ruins, Sacred Valley, Cusco

What's Included?

Essentially, you’re in our care for the time you are here, we’ll be your guides. The items that aren’t included are personal expenses, entrance fees and transport and eating out, however, these are very small expenses in Peru and we have done the groundwork in finding the best deals for souvenirs and more specialised personal experiences. We will cover these details in the initial consultation.

  • Pickup and drop-off from Cusco International Airport
  • Fully equipped and serviced apartment with private room, towels and bathroom amenities
  • A selection of organic and locally sourced herbal teas
  • Local high alkaline mineral water from Cusco springs
  • All food, including speciality ingredients such as black maca, black quinoa, local blueberries and physalis, moringa, kelp, premium cacao and herbs such as cat’s claw and muña
  • Cacao ceremony during energy workshop
  • An optional huachuma ceremony for deeper understanding of plant medicine

The cost is US$70 per day for the first person, additional person US$40 (maximum 2 persons).

Photo: Qoricancha, the most important temple of the Inca Empire, Cusco

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Photo: Native plants in situ, Pikillakta, Southern Cusco Valley