Alan Watts Meditation & Audio

“You are that vast thing that you see far,
far off with great telescopes.”

Sfter listening to Web of Life, by Dimitar Petrov (Man of No Ego) a music producer from Bulgaria, who focuses on sharing knowledge through music, I recorded some more of Alan Watts with calming background music to replace the usual psybient/psychill I use for concentration during work. I recommend listening to Man of No Ego’s album which you can stream below.

We will be sourcing other philosophical talks to pair with ambient background music for youtube videos, all of which can be downloaded as MP3s and taken with you where you need a companion for concentration.

Alan Watts – Mystery of Change

Alan Watts – The Human World as Self

Alan Watts – The Four Noble Truths

Alan Watts – The Game of Hide and Seek

Alan Watts – Buddhist Attitudes on Change

Alan Watts – A Happy Death

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